Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Catching up

It's been a long, cold pause in Manny posts, sorry to all my word-hungry fans. I'd like to claim that my busy schedule is the reason but for the most part, I just couldn't think of anything to write. That all changes today. We've had a bithday, transition to a big boy bed and a family wedding. September 19,Baxter became an official 2 year old . I started thinking about his birth and the wonder of it all and the memories of that day flooded my brain. It's amazing all the changes that have occured to our lives in just 2 calender years. I'll try to crystalize my thoughts, but it may be hard to put into words.
I've been blessed with a strong memory and often times, I feel like I'm actually in the past, reliving moments worth remembering. When I think about Baxter's birth, the sights, smells and sounds are very powerful. Here we had this fresh, clean little person, capable of learning all manner of stuff we felt he needed to learn. He was completely dependent on us and other loved ones around him. Now, in just 2 short years, he has his own character and language that makes us love him more each day.
Here's a few of my favorites:
How 'bout warm milk? (getting ready for bed, his favorite beverage)
Whoa Baxter! ( doing anything too fast -running, spinning, etc...)
Whoa! (After burping........we're working the proper commentary for this action)
Bye! Soon! (Omiting 'See you' from the last phrase)
Daddy sing/Momma sing
I'm leaving out many, but the gist is that, we're having a blast and look forward to upcoming learnings.

The big boy bed transition is complete, we're back to the old crib routine of a few books, possibly a song, pile into bed with a nest of animals and blankets and then lights out. We were in Malone this weekend for my brothers wedding and he even survived a bed without toddler rails. Life is good.
Speaking of nuptials, my brother Jeremy married long-time sweetheart Stephanie this past Saturday and needless to say, it was fabulous. I gave a best man speech that went quite smoothly (thanks to my speech coach, Jennie, my practice audience of Baxter and Paige) and the reception was awesome. It would be better described as a 'rocking good time'. Jennie's dress was amazing, I'm looking for some more formal events so I can see her in it again soon.
As I practiced last week to Baxter, anytime I would pause slightly for effect or pose a question for thought, Bax would answer, "Yeah" or "yes", just like he was in a Baptist church.

I'll try to pop in more often now, see you on the playground.