Monday, April 30, 2007

Paige turns 1

After a harrowing start to life, Paigey turns 1 today. We celebrated a couple of times last week; once with the MP playgroup gang on Thursday and again with the family this past Saturday in Malone at Grandma & Grandpa Lowell's house. Attendance was solid with both greats (Trani and Lowell) from Jen's side of the family making the trip. Baxter was front and center for cake and presents, playing the role of "supportive" big brother. His sharing traits are improving rapidly, as he is always willing to "share" other people's things.
As with most early birthdays, this time presents a perfect mental environment for reflection. A year goes by quickly in the grand scheme of things and it's always amazing to see the development of young people. We watched a couple of home videos from the archives from last spring on our nostalgic tour and the comparisons are a blast. Baxter still looked like a baby and couldn't be understood verbally. This is stunning because he can now carry on a conversation about the weather, sporting events and food. Paigey's difference were obvious, as she was a wrinkly uncoordinated blob. Now.......just judge for yourself!