Saturday, December 30, 2006


It was a good year for Baxter, as he received a pony from Papa and Nana. Most importantly, it doesn't need to be fed or cleaned much, aside from the occasional cracker smashed into it's plastic mane.
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our free thinking toddler

We've entered the realm of independence with Baxter. We had heard about defiance as a character flaw of other children but had never witnessed it before with our wonderful, perfect little child. well, he's created his own prefix for anything we ask or suggest for him to do. Want to get a clean diaper?" Nah, I not get clean diaper. I not. Want daddy to put socks on you? Nah, I not daddy put socks on. Sometimes we can trick him into refusing cookies, bouncy rides on my belly or other fun things but he usually quickly corrects himself. "Nah, I not want ice, Baxter wants ice cream, BAXTER WANTS ICE CREAM!"

This fun little trait revealed itself at a recent slightly public event. We hosted a Santa party for our neighbors and friends last week. Jen's mom use to host a similar party and it was a treasured memory for her. So she had long ago planned to do something similar when we had children old enough to enjoy it. After weeks of stalking mall Santa's, calling the admin offices of the local shopping plaza's, etc., she finally tracked down Santa and Mrs. Claus for our party.
Both Bax and Paigey received Santa and the missus well, no stranger fear, mainly curious and excited. But as Baxter went to receive his gift at the appropriate time, Danielle suggested that he give Santa a hug for his present and to give his parents, grandparents and aunts a photo-op, he stopped, turned to face Danielle and announced clearly and loudly for all to hear, " No, I not hug Santa." Luckily, Santa is vet and took this Heisman well.