Thursday, August 21, 2008

Seasons change

I often describe our friendly little neighborhood by asking people if they've seen the movie Pleasantville. I don't mean in a creepy, sanitary, lacking of individuality way, but more along the lines of quiet streets filled with friendly neighbors, impromptu chats in the street or someone's driveway. One other example drives up and down the streets on Tuesday evenings, ringing a little bell that can only mean one thing: Ice Cream!! The ice cream lady announced this week that she would be back for only 2 more weeks before shutting down the scooter for the winter, which means summer is almost finished. We've had other signs, like 50 degree air temperature by 10pm and not being able to sit outside with the paper at 6am, and the tomato plants showing signs of aging. We'll be ok though, fall brings apple picking, awesome leaf peeping and homemade soups from locally grown squashes. Here's a few fleeting images of summer before we get to the next season.


Q_Monroe said...

sorry i had the ice cream $ jacket the other night. it is sad to see summer go -- but i say -- bring on the fall!

Bella said...

hope you don't mind but i linked to your last couple of posts. it's something that i think we all want to remember...i certainly want Vivi and Bebe to!

Susan said...

Hi - I visited you through Bella, who we've visited irl and I can attest you do indeed live in a non-creepy Pleasantville. Consider yourself third-party certified.