Sunday, December 21, 2008

catching up

OK, I've got loads of stuff and I always feel a little neglectful after shunning the Manny for longer than 3 weeks.

So we had a baby, about 18 days ago. Emmett Mathew was 9lbs, 5oz and 21 1/2 inches long, which means dad is in big trouble. The Poiriers are not big people. My favorite related quote came from a cousin, "I'm five foot nothing and look like a chia pet with my shirt off. I don't know how I landed my wife." So when Mr. Em came out at that size, I wondered how long it would be before I was the smallest in the family (again).
He's a great baby, the benefit of being largish is that he seems mucho happier than his sister ever was at an age that you still count in days, not weeks. Paigey was 6 1/2 lbs and was a miserable little thing until about 6 months. So to sum it up, we're doing great. In fact, it's the older chitlins who are running us ragged.
We're enjoying the winter so far, lots of fireplace time with christmas movies, kettle corn and red wine. Hope your own home fires are burning brightly.

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Matthew LaFleur said...

Aw, jeez guys, you didn't HAVE to name him after me! I'm flattered, though, really... a little surprised that you didn't make it his FIRST name, but that's cool. No problem.

But, I hate to mention it, but my name has 2 T's, not one. Not a big deal, you can have it changed when you get a moment. Some paperwork, a few hoops, some red tape, no sweat. I'm sure you want to get it right, right???

Again, I'm honored. And little Em should be, too.

Oh, I'm just kiddin'. Congrats, guys! Quite a brood you have there! Our hands are full with 2!