Sunday, December 21, 2008


We hosted out annual Santa party last weekend and had a blast doing it. Yes, we did this while nurturing a 9 day old baby and yes, we are a little crazy. Way back in October, I questioned my wife whether it would be prudent to throw this party while taking care of a 3-4 week old baby (original due date was 11/22). I was met with a sharp rebuke and the party planning was on. Truth be told, we had plenty of help from my in-laws before the party and plenty from my mom & brother after, along with a dish from each guests made it sorta easy in the end.
The party itself was a blast and I can easily say it's become my highlight of the season. Santa and the Mrs are topnotch, even with his bum leg(more on that later) this year, the kids light up and parents are tickled to just watch it unfold. Our house isn't very big and the roof seems at the precipice of lifting off the rafters due to the shear mass of human flesh, but it's all worth it.
Back to Santa: we got a call from Mrs. Claus the day before to let us know they were coming but to avoid sitting on his left leg. Apparently, he was wrestling with Rudolph and got kicked in the leg (or had a muscle biopsy, the details are hazy). Some of the older children were gathering pitchforks and forming lynch mobs for Rudolph at the sound of this story. We were able to pacify them with more sugar cookies.

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Q_Monroe said...

what an early morning treat! i check everyday just to see if you've updated.